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Timekey Pack with Genuine Leather Neck Cord, Storage Pouch, and Heraldry Parchment

The Time Tribe, LLC


This gorgeous replica of a common ancient Roman artifact type is more than just the first in a series of beautifully-crafted and authentic collectibles inspired by ancient civilizations; it is also your portal to a world of adventure, in the award-winning history and archaeology role-playing game, The Time Tribe. 

But you can enjoy your Timekey without ever playing the game that inspired it.

The Timekey is an exquisitely detailed, pewter-finish metal ring that features the Time Tribe Coat of Arms, and it comes with a black leather neck cord and navy velveteen storage pouch, PLUS a fun and informative introduction to the art of Heraldry, printed on parchment and secured with a genuine wax seal, imprinted with the official Time Tribe Coat of Arms.

The Timekey design was inspired by real artifacts found throughout the ancient Roman Empire. Togas did not have pockets, so ancient Romans made keys in handy shapes such as rings, which could be worn on their fingers, or strung upon a neck or wrist cord for safekeeping.

Equally perfect as wearable bling, collectible trinket, or unique backpack adornment, your Initiation Timekey is non-toxic, lead-free, and surpasses all US-mandated metal material and safety tests (ASTM F-963-11 Standard Consumer Safety Specifications). 

Dimensions: 32.7mm long, 16 mm inner diameter. Standard US ring size 5.5 (sized for children and the slender of finger).