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Episode 1: Gold Upgrade from Silver

The Time Tribe, LLC

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So, you bought the Silver Edition of Episode 1 already. 


Now, you wish you had gone for Gold, and unlocked the FULL Time Tribe experience, in the REAL world, as well as online. Plus all those extra ingots.


You're in luck. And in the right place. 


With the Episode 1 Gold upgrade package, you'll get everything you've been missing, without missing a beat in the Silver game you're already playing.


Upgrade to Gold, and get a fat package full of goodies, mailed to the street address of your choice:


  • Coupon code to add 70 INGOTS to your existing Player Account.
  • Time Tribe Member Welcome Pack (Member folder, welcome letter, membership card, invitations to share with friends).
  • Initiation Timekey: Gorgeous metal reproduction of ancient Roman ''key-ring'' artifact (used by Tribe members to travel through time. Shhhhh....).
  • Episode 1 Gold Pack of game and story clue documents to decipher, bonus game codes, and real world activities to try at home.


Welcome to our inner circle!