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Join the time travel mystery adventure based on history, archaeology, and world cultures!

Episode 1 Gold Edition: Online/iPad app PLUS Real World Game Elements

The Time Tribe, LLC

You're summoned to a creaky old manor house, known as the Keep.
It's a strange place, indeed: 
Full of ancient relics, mysterious people, and a world of secrets.
Dive into an epic story.
Unravel the secrets of a lost clan.
Claim YOUR right to travel through time!


The Time Tribe Episode 1: Gold Edition is the award-winning, first chapter in a unique digital/real-world series that blends history, mystery, role-playing, exploration, and puzzle-solving into an interactive saga like none other.

Created by an anthropologist, educator and parent, it wraps the facts of history and other cultures into popular, fun game formats kids love already. Delivered as a point-and-click adventure set in an exquisitely crafted virtual world, it is designed for anyone 10+ who loves history and a great story!


The Time Tribe consists of a fully replayable Main Quest story line (15+ individual challenges) set in a virtual world playground, PLUS free online/iPad app play forever after:

  • Replay the Main Quest as often as you like, to win different rewards and unlock new bits of the story!
  • Receive a unique Daily Quest to complete, each day you log in after completing the Main Quest!
  • Play mini-games to continue earning game currency you can use to buy virtual goods and donate to our Charity Portal!
  • Customize your own Keep Artifact Gallery (Chamber) and Profile Page Coat of Arms!
  • Follow the story as we reveal more chapters, at!


  • Coupon code to unlock all of Episode 1, playable online in any web browser, AND on a companion iPad app.
  • 80 ingots to spend as you choose in the game, on game play hints, exclusive virtual goods, skills level-ups, and more!
  • Time Tribe Member Welcome Pack (Member folder, membership card, invitations to share with friends)
  • Time Tribe Initiation Timekey: Gorgeous metal reproduction of ancient Roman ''key-ring'' artifact (used by Tribe members to travel through time. Shhhhh....)
  • Episode 1 Gold Pack of game and story clue documents to decipher, bonus game codes, and real world activities to try at home.