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Join the time travel mystery adventure based on history, archaeology, and world cultures!

Episode 1 Gold Edition: Online/iPad app PLUS Real World Game Elements

Episode 1 Gold Edition: Online/iPad app PLUS Real World Game Elements
The Time Tribe Episode 1: Gold Edition is the award-winning game that blends history, mystery, role-playing, exploration, and puzzle-solving into a unique adventure played online and in the real world.

Created by an anthropologist, educator and parent, The Time Tribe wraps the facts of history, archaeology, and other cultures into the popular play formats we know kids love already.

Crafted as a choose-your-own adventure story set in a painstakingly detailed virtual world, The Time Tribe is designed for anyone 10+ who loves history, mystery, and a great story to dive into!


Okay. But What Is It?

Right. It’s different from most kids’ games out there.

Let us explain: 


  • It’s a crossover video game/real world play experience. So, basically, the fun never stops.
  • It combines the deep, sustained engagement of a point-and-click adventure quest with casual, virtual-world inspired mini-gaming and creative self-expression.
  • It brings the past and other cultures to life, but without ever sacrificing the fun element that makes a game - well - a game.

Tell Me More About....

The video game?

It's a point-and-click adventure challenge, set in a virtual world playground with loads of casual exploration, creative self-expression, mini-games, and self-directed learning activities.

Players advance the story by completing 15 challenges, which together make up the Core Quest. The Core Quest is fully replayable, so that players can experiment with alternative outcomes, different rewards, and new story bits.

Once the Core Quest has been completed once, players also can undertake a unique Daily Quest, each day that they log into the game.  

The virtual world which houses the Core Quest is an inviting, museum-like environment full of fascinating objects to examine and collect, quirky characters to meet, mini-games to play, and a fully COPPA-compliant player community to join.  


The real world part? 

Buy the Gold Edition, and we'll dispatch a delightful mailer package of Time Tribe Member materials, game collectibles and beautifully crafted print documents.


This package builds on the story and invites players to think like historian-sleuths, as they piece together and interpret clues from various sources.


Anything Else I Need to Know?

Strange as the concept might seem, we see The Time Tribe as a genuinely artisanal video game, tailor-made for curious kids and their families.

Crafted with attention to every last detail and designed to reward focused and thoughtful attention, it's not your typical cheap app, slapped together with tinny music and poor graphics, designed to cultivate reflexive and zoned-out play. 

True to our roots as archaeologists and educators, there's not a thing in our game world that doesn't reflect a genuine historic object or cultural tradition, and serve a specific purpose in the game. 

So, for example, rather than generic vases or wall decorations, in the Keep you'll find meticulous reproductions of a genuine First Empire China vase, and an actual panel of the 11th-century Bayeux tapestry. Of course, we include resources to learn more about these artifacts, as well as the culture-historical context that produced them. 

The superior production values, including the original orchestral soundtrack and full live-acted voiceovers, are icing on the cake. 

The only other thing we can suggest is to try The Time Tribe for yourself. We made it just for you, and for the young gamers and dreamers in your life.